Tip: Verb Conjugation for Types I & II

Did you know that the Type I and Type II verbs in Irish are conjugated in special ways?

In the Verb Conjugation section of the app, the verb selector lets you pick just a handful of verbs. Some people wonder why that is.

Type I verbs are conjugated similarly based on the category of verb. You’ll see this listed under the verb in green text: “Broad”, “Slender”, and “Long -igh sound”.

This means that most broad verbs are conjugated in a similar way, most slender verbs are conjugated in a similar way, etc.

So you don’t have to have every Irish verb in the app. Learn the patterns based on the verb category, and you should be able to conjugate most Irish verbs!


Understanding In-App Purchases

We offer 2 in-app purchases: verb tenses and prepositional pronoun details. Here’s how they work.

Verb Tenses
When you first download Greann Gaeilge and tap Verb Conjugation and then tap the Select button, you see only 2 verb tenses listed: present habitual and future (for the verb bĂ­, you’ll also see the present tense listed). These come free with the app.

If you make the Verb Tenses upgrade, you’ll now have access to the past and conditional tenses. They’ll just magically appear when you tap Verb Conjugation and the Select button.

Prepositional Pronoun Details
When you first download the app, and tap Prepositional Pronouns, you see a list of all the prepositions and how they are modified.

If you make the Prepositional Pronoun Details upgrade, you’ll now have access to more details. On the iPhone and iPod touch, this will be text that appears under the pronouns. On the iPad, you’ll see a new “info” button (a green lowercase “i” in a white circle) next to each preposition—just tap this button for more information.

I hope this makes the in-app purchase clearer.

Version 3

We’re working on an update to the Greann Gaeilge iPhone & iPad app.

The update will have:

  • Support for the taller, 4-inch iPhone 5 and iPod touch screen
  • An indicator for when you have made in-app purchases
  • A fix for the iPad prepositional pronoun details being black text on a black background (in-app purchase)
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Dictionary updates
  • Support for iOS version 5.0 and higher. We will no longer support iOS 4 or lower.