We’ll be on Apple TV on Day One!

Our Irish language app—Greann Gaeilge—has been approved by Apple for the Apple TV App Store! Photos coming soon.

It now runs on everything from Apple Watch to Apple TV, and everything in between (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad–and soon iPad Pro).

The app is free on every device. If you buy the in-app purchase for Verbs or Preposition details on any one device, it will show up on all your devices for free!


New! Apple Watch App

Apple just approved version 4.2 of Greann Gaeilge app. What’s new?

  1. Apple Watch app. Use the crown to spin the dial and see the hours from 1-12 in Irish. 
  2. Apple Watch Glance. When you install Greann Gaeilge on your Apple Watch running watchOS 2.0, make sure you flip the switch for “Install Glance”. This way, you can swipe up to view your Glances, and see the current hour “as Gaeilge”.